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Membership List

Below is a list of all our members, their callsigns, what position they hold in the Club, email and web site links where these are available. The list will be updated as new members join and when new email links and web sites are advised.

  • To send an email to a member, click on the member name where there is a hot link; to access a member's own web site click on the hot link shown.
  • Please do not worry if you have paid your subscription and your name does not appear in this list for a few days. There is sometimes a short delay before we can check the statements from the bank for payments in. We will endeavour to update the list as quickly as we can. If, however, you think that you should be on the list, let us know by sending us an email - click on the envelope icon below.
  • If any of your details are wrong or you want any of your details changed, e.g. addition or change of callsign, adding email address, please advise us by email also. Click on the envelope icon, below.

The current membership list is not available at the moment pending an upgrade of the RSH web site. The list of members will be put up as soon as possible after the launch of the new web site in a few days.

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