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Latest Club News: Update 11th February: Our next Club meeting is THURSDAY 20th February when John Regnault, G4SWX will be talking about "Building a Successful Remotely Operated Station" at the Windsock Club.>>>>> Informal meetings take place at the Windsock Club every Tuesday evening >>>>>>

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18th December 2013

  • Membership List updated

27th October 2013
  • Details of 2014 membership rates posted - see the information on this home page

7th October 2013
  • Programme updated with locations for October meetings

11th August 2013
  • Programme updated for September

14th July 2013
  • Member List updated with new callsigns
  • Club Details page updated with new callsigns and to add Windsock Club as a meeting venue

22nd May 2013
  • Programme updated till end August7
  • Updates to Committee details and Member List

6th April 2013
  • Update to Membership List
  • Update to Committee details

26th February 2013
  • Update to Membership List
  • Update to Programme

16th February 2013
  • Further update to Membership List

7th February 2013
  • Updated membership list with 2013 members



Welcome to the site of the Radio Society of Harrow. We are a club for all those who are interested in Amateur Radio. We meet in the London Borough of Harrow which is located in North-West London, UK and you can find out more about us in the pages on this site.


Eric Holt, G3MHQ now Silent Key

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Eric Holt, G3MHQ a long-term Club member on 9th February 2014 after a short illness. He was also a long standing member of the 160m Sunday net and we shall all miss him.


The Society runs Foundation and Intermediate training courses - usually on Wednesday evenings (7.30pm to 9.30pm) at a venue near Harrow-on-the-Hill bus/train/underground stations or there is street parking nearby if travelling by car.

At Foundation level, the course fee is £26 plus £27.50 for the exam. Students will also need to have a copy of the RSGB book "Foundation Licence Now!" which is available on-line from www.rsgbshop.org/acatalog/Online_Catalogue_Training_19.html

Please contact Brian (G3YKB) at g3ykb@yahoo.co.uk (telephone 01923 228121) for more details or to book a place.

Club Events Coming Up

Thursday 20th February - Building a Successful Remotely Operated Station, a talk and demonstration by John Regnault, G4SWX

News of Recent Club Events

Thursday 6th February - Carl, M0ICR gave us an interesting presentation on RSH contesting in the past with a lot of old photos! He also outlined plans for restarting this activity.

Thursday 16th January - Brian, G3YKB, gave us a very interesting talk about Field Effect Transistors

Friday 13th December - Christmas Social held at the St Lawrence Centre with a surprise visit by Santa!

Friday 6th December - Construction Contest

Friday 22nd November - Surplus Equipment Sale

Friday 8th November - Mike M0ITI, gave us an interesting demonstration of how to use the program LTspice to design circuits.

Friday 25th October - Tony Crake gave us part 3 in his series of talks on "40 Years at the BBC". As usual, this was very interesting, watch out for part 4 later in 2014.

Friday 11th October - We held a Pre-Contruction Contest Advice session.

Friday 27th September - Bob Aldridge, 2E0EBA, gave us a very interesting evening of 3D Projection.

Friday 13th September - Carl 2E0TEC gave us a very interesting talk about Afghanistan and some of his experiences there.

General Information

Meeting Arrangements

All main meetings: 8.00 - 10.00 p.m. now changed to usually the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month. All meetings, unless advised, are held at the Windsock Club. 28-30 Eastcote Avenue, S Harrow HA2 8AL

Please check our programme for exact details.

2014 Membership Fees

Please note a change in membership fees from 2014

The new subscription rates for Club membership are: Full membership £20 (£18); Concessionary: £12 (£11); Family £30 (£26); Junior £6 and Supporter £5.

We want to encourage people to pay by Direct Debit and so we are offering a reduction in the fee (shown in brackets) for this method of payment. Other ways to pay are by electronic transfer, cash and cheque (payable to Radio Society of Harrow).

We have introduced a new class of membership - Supporter. This is for those who cannot regularly attend club meetings through disability or long distance from the club.

For more details on the rates and how to pay, click here to go to our Club Details page. Alternatively, grab the Treasurer when you next see him.

The membership year runs from January to December and the subs are due from 1st January 2014.


The Committee for the year March 2013 to March 2014 is:

President: Don Lamb, G0ACK;

Chairman: Chris Friel, G4AUF;
Treasurer: Mike Bruce, M0ITI;
Secretary: Linda Casey, G7RJL;
Committee Members: Peter Marcham, G3YXZ: Kelly Monib, M1KFM; David Talaber, G0CAG; Tom Reilly, G0NSY; Brian Hodgson, G3YKB; Damian McSorley, G4LHT.

GB3HR, The Harrow 433 MHz (70 cms) FM Repeater

A new UHF Base Station has recently been installed and is running 9 Watts erp from our site near Harrow Weald. The new transceiver consists of a Kenwood TKR 851 running 12 Watts RF output on 433.350 MHz and receiving on 434.950 MHz. The station will relay FM transmissions when a continuous sub-audible tone (CTCSS) of 82.5 Hz is sent. The station identifies as GB3HR D in Morse Code, the D denoting the sub-audible code 82.5 Hz. The station has also had a new 6dbD gain collinear antenna installed and this has greatly improved coverage throughout Watford, Harrow and surrounding areas.

Please listen out for our station and call through if you have 433 MHz FM capability. Several RSH club members can be found there.
73, Peter Marcham G3YXZ

Donations towards the upkeep of GB3HR will be very gratefully received - please contact Peter Marcham for details: peter.marcham@btinternet.com, 07713 155580.

QZZ Newsletter Distribution

Our Newsletter, QZZ is sent to all paid-up and Honorary Members only. To give people time to renew their membership, everyone who was a member the preceding year will receive the first edition of QZZ of the new year. Thereafter, if the membership is not renewed, no further editions will be sent.

We prefer to distribute by email but can send by post if preferred. To ensure that you can receive QZZ, please make sure that we have your correct email or postal address. If you are not receiving QZZ then please send Linda an email with your contact details by clicking here

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Il y a des pages en langue française pour nos visiteurs francophones. Nous espérons que vous les trouverez intéressantes. Clickez sur le drapeau pour y aller.

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